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Our Fees

How much will my defense cost?

Pattis & Smith high visibility successes, our national reputation for powerful advocacy, and frequent media coverage often leads people to believe they can’t afford to have Norm Pattis or another of our attorneys represent them.

In fact, it is because of our success that we have the flexibility to set fees appropriate to the means and needs of each client. While we do not compete based on price, you will find our legal fees market competitive.

How are Pattis & Smith criminal defense fees determined?

We consider multiple factors in determining the fee for criminal matters we take on including:

  • Complexity of the case: What is our time and resource commitment?

  • Our interest level: Is this a case we can get passionate about?

  • History with the criminal justice system: What does your criminal record look like?

  • Financial resources: Again, we try to set fees appropriate to the means of each client.

These and other considerations help us set appropriate and competitive fees for each criminal case.

What are fee arrangements for civil (non-criminal) cases?

Norm Pattis and Pattis & Smith Law Firm lawyers handle high-conflict and/or high-stakes civil cases with several types of fee arrangements:

  • Serious Personal Injury or Wrongful Death: In most cases we handle serious accident injury or death matters on a contingency fee basis, which means our fee is a percentage of the amount awarded;

  • Defective Product Suits: As with personal injury and wrongful death cases our fees are typically a contingency fee arrangement;

  • Professional Misconduct: For legal, medical, or police misconduct and licensing matters our fees are typically either a flat fee or hourly or some combination;

  • Other Civil Cases: Fees vary by specific circumstance including complexity of the case and our interest level, the stakes involved and conflict intensity, and the means and needs of a client.

Act Right Away to Preserve Your Rights

If you are facing serious criminal charges, are involved in a high conflict civil matter, or are seriously injured due to someone else’s conduct, Norm Pattis and the Pattis & Smith Law Firm legal team want to help.

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