F. Lee Bailey calls Norm Pattis One of the Giants of the Profession

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Norm Pattis 2019 Mensa Keynote

Norm Pattis 2019 Mensa Keynote

Should My Computer Plead the 5th?

Norm Pattis: A veteran of well over 150 jury trials and scores of appeals resulting in acquittals for people charged with major felonies and multi-million dollar civil rights jury verdicts, attorney Pattis is found most days in the courts across Connecticut or New York's and Washington, DC's...

Campus Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer Norm Pattis Looks at Defenses to Criminal Charges for Conduct on a College or University Campus

Federal and State Hate Crimes - Criminal Defense Lawyer Norm Pattis Looks at Hate Crime Charges

Norm Pattis on Medical Misconduct Defense for Physicians Facing Sexual Misconduct by a Patient Allegations

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