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Connecticut Legal Misconduct Defense Lawyers

CT Lawyer Accused of Attorney Fraud, Intentional Wrongdoing, or Embezzlement in Connecticut or New York?  We Can Help.

Our New Haven, Connecticut based criminal lawyers and high conflict civil attorneys help lawyers defend their liberty, license, and property.

Too often when a CT lawyer is accused of embezzlement, fraud, or other wrongdoing by a client their immediate inclination is to offer a quick settlement or stand on their reputation. Norm Pattis and The Pattis & Smith Law Firm lawyers for Connecticut and NY attorneys know this path leads to professional disaster.

A lawyer facing a fraud, embezzlement, conflict, or malpractice complaint has 3 concurrent challenges:

  • Law Enforcement Criminal Investigations and Criminal Charges
  • Connecticut or NY Bar Association Proceedings for Law License Revocation
  • Financial Liability in a Civil Lawsuit by an Alleged Legal Misconduct Victim

To make matters worse a lawyer might also face:

  • Copycat Complaints
  • Additional Alleged Victims
  • News Media Hoping for a “Lawyer Charged” Story

Malfeasance or Malpractice misconduct allegations against a lawyer are among the most complex we handle because The Pattis & Smith Law Firm lawyer misconduct team must simultaneously address bar licensing proceedings, police investigations, criminal charges against the lawyer, potential financial liability in a civil court, and professional and personal reputation concerns. Experience matters in these cases.

Bestselling author of three books on America’s justice system Norm Pattis, a frequent expert legal commentator for the media, has extensive experience helping attorneys proactively and successfully address allegations of fraud, theft, and malpractice by a client.

New Haven Connecticut Embezzlement, Fraud, Theft and Legal Malpractice Lawyers Focus on Damage Control

A lawyer accused of fraud, legal malpractice, attorney misconduct, breach of confidentiality or a host of other possible charges could face some combination of these allegations:

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Attorney Conflict of Interest
  • Lawyer Misconduct
  • Tax Shelter Malfeasance
  • Gross Negligence or Fraud
  • Lawyer Malpractice
  • Gross Attorney Misconduct
  • Incompetent Counsel
  • Intentional Wrongdoing

Our New Haven, Connecticut based legal misconduct defense team looks first to get any criminal charges or bar complaints dismissed with minimal damage to your practice, reputation, and family. If things are already well underway we have a powerful and proven defense strategy.

Attorneys Are Frequent Legal Misconduct Accusation Targets

Lawyers are frequently targeted by their clients for attorney fraud, legal malpractice, or lawyer malfeasance complaints because of a client’s psychiatric disability, misunderstanding of the law, immense mistake of fact, and even outright extortion.

Whether you are guilty, innocent, negligent, or reckless is not relevant at this point because clients see a high net worth target (possibly with a big legal malpractice policy) as do some of their lawyers, media outlets can run sensational headlined “news” pieces, and although your are technically presumed innocent, police investigations operate under a presumption of guilt not so subtle premise – especially when the media spotlight is involved.

Speak with a Connecticut Legal Misconduct Defense Attorney Now

If a client makes a threat of filing a complaint for embezzlement, fraud, malpractice, or other lawyer misconduct allegation or if a client’s new attorney reaches out with “questions”, a reporter inquires, or if the police “just want to talk” you should say nothing and immediately speak to a lawyer with specific experience in defending lawyers against claims of theft, fraud, legal malpractice, embezzlement, or other professional misconduct.

Every year an increasing number of complaints are filed against lawyers alleging legal misconduct. Whether your practice is in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York or elsewhere you should call us quickly to preserve your rights. If you are outside of New England we can often help you find an experienced legal misconduct lawyer in your state.

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