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Connecticut Murder Lawyer – Homicide

Arrested for Murder or Manslaughter in a Connecticut Criminal Court?

Our Experienced Murder – Manslaughter Defense Lawyers Can Help.

Noted criminal lawyer Norm Pattis, based in New Haven CT and defending people throughout Connecticut and New England, has a remarkable success record as a criminal defense attorney for people charged with homicide crimes including:

  • Capital Murder
  • First or Second Degree Murder
  • Negligent Homicide
  • Felony Murder
  • Voluntary Manslaughter
  • Vehicular Manslaughter

In fact, although the facts of every Connecticut homicide case are different and outcomes can vary, no Pattis & Smith client heard the word “Guilty” from a judge or jury this last year.

If you have been charged with Murder or Manslaughter in Connecticut you should contact a Murder Defense Attorney at the Pattis & Smith Law Firm immediately. Our experienced criminal lawyers have 20 years’ experience defending people in capital and non-capital murder cases as well as other homicide charges.

CT Criminal Defense Attorney Norm Pattis Wants you to Know:

  • Criminal Homicide, which includes first and second degree murder, voluntary, involuntary, and vehicular manslaughter and a special category where a death occurs during the commission of a felony (Felony Murder) carry very serious penalties;
  • Capital Murder charges, by definition, carry the most severe penalty. A person convicted of capital murder in Connecticut can be put to death. Norm Pattis is one of an elite few criminal defense attorneys with capital murder experience. His record of aggressively and successfully defending people charged with Capital Murder is something you should ask about when selecting your criminal attorney.
  • Justifiable Homicide can be a complete defense to murder or manslaughter charges in CT. In certain circumstances a homicide (taking the life of another) is considered justifiable such as when the homicide occurs in self-defense or in defense of another person.

Here’s Why You Must Act Quickly and Call a Criminal Attorney

The prosecutor and police have already spent considerable time investigating, gathering evidence, and preparing a case against you before you were charged with murder or manslaughter. You should act quickly to prevent the state from gaining even more of an unfair advantage.

Talk to an experienced Connecticut Murder Defense lawyer at the Pattis & Smith Law Firm immediately to preserve your rights. We will immediately demand a listing of all witnesses and evidence against you and investigate all possible imperfections in the prosecutor’s case against you.

We Have a Defense Strategy for Every Homicide Charge

For every homicide case we have successful aggressive defense strategies and we take every action to limit the case against you including:

  • Demanding the court exclude evidence against you obtained in violation of your rights;
  • Spotlighting unreliable witnesses or those witnesses lacking credibility;
  • Identifying every imperfection in witness statements or police reports;
  • Reviewing every aspect of the case for civil rights violations and seeking damages when police misconduct or other violations are evident;
  • Explaining the facts and your personal circumstances so the court can consider reducing or dismissing the charges altogether.

Call the Pattis & Smith Law Firm Connecticut Murder Defense Lawyers for an immediate consultation about homicide charges against you in any CT State Court, CT or NY Federal Court, in New Haven or any CT or NY city. Norm Pattis also handles murder defense trials throughout the United States as lead counsel on murder defense teams.

Call the Pattis & Smith Law Firm: 203.393.3017 or [hidden email]

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