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Connecticut Robbery Lawyers

Criminal Robbery Defense Lawyers in New Haven & All Connecticut

Are you facing Robbery charges in a Connecticut criminal court in New Haven, Milford, Middletown, Meriden or other CT city? You should contact an experienced Robbery defense attorney at The Pattis & Smith Law Firm immediately. We have unique and remarkably effective defense strategies for people charged with Robbery in CT.

You Should Know When You Are Charged With Robbery

Robbery is a serious violent offense and the potential penalties include significant prison time. Factors within the Robbery charge might include:

  • Use of a deadly weapon
  • Possession of a deadly weapon
  • Existence and severity of injuries to victims
  • Record of prior convictions
  • Gang related activity
  • Location of the alleged crime
  • Strength of the evidence
  • Credibility of witnesses
  • Your reputation and credibility

Whatever combination of these factors the police and prosecutors say are present, there is always a defense strategy to a Robbery charge. Talk to an experienced Robbery defense lawyer at The Pattis & Smith Law Firm to learn what can work for your specific defense.

First Violent Offense or Record of Prior Offenses

If this is the first time you have been charged with a violent felony there are specific strategies the Pattis & Smith Law Firm criminal lawyers can use to possibly have the criminal charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

If you have a record of prior offenses it is especially critical that the CT Robbery lawyers at The Pattis & Smith Law Firm quickly identify weaknesses in the case against you. We will:

  • Immediately demand every detail of the case against you
  • Work to exclude any evidence obtained in violation of your rights
  • Investigate the credibility of witnesses against you
  • Identify alternative factual narratives
  • Review your background to identify all ameliorating factors

These and many other efforts on your behalf will let us identify your Robbery defense options. Our goal will be to seek a dismissal or reduction of the Robbery charge so a judge can dismiss the case or limit any penalty to probation or some lesser punishment than state prison.

That said, Norm Pattis and our Connecticut Robbery Defense team have a reputation for eagerness to go to trial, and winning when there, so prosecutors factor that record of success into their decisions about moving forward with the charges.

Call our Experienced CT Robbery Defense Lawyers to Preserve Your Rights

Police, prosecutors, and others in Connecticut law enforcement were building a case against you for some period of time before you were charged with Robbery. You must act quickly to prevent the state from building even more of an unfair advantage.

Norm Pattis is one of the country’s most experienced criminal lawyers and has been successfully defending people charged with Robbery and other violent felonies in Connecticut criminal courts for more than 20 years. Newsday labels him “Legal Top Gun” because he is very aggressive and effective in defending people against criminal charges including Robbery.

A Pattis & Smith criminal defense lawyer is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call us now to learn your options.

Call the Pattis & Smith Law Firm: 203.393.3017 or [hidden email]

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