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Have you been charged with, or are you being investigated for a White Collar Crime in Connecticut or New York? You should contact a White Collar criminal defense attorney at The Pattis & Smith Law Firm immediately. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers have been aggressively and successfully defending people in White Collar Crime cases and against other serious criminal charges for 20 years.

Norm Pattis, Noted Criminal Defense Lawyer and Bestselling Author, Wants You to Know:

Non-violent crimes including many types of fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, computer crime, and others known as “White Collar” crimes are serious offenses that carry the possibility of significant prison time;

Fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, computer crime, and other cases typically involve the U.S. Department of Justice, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) enforcement divisions, investigations against professionals such as CPAs, attorneys, stock brokers, corporate officers, corporate board members, and entrepreneurs.

A professional facing insider trading, fraud, embezzlement, online crime and other financially motivated charges faces multiple simultaneous challenges:

  • Criminal investigation by the FBI, SEC, IRS, or other federal law enforcement
  • Civil liability from lawsuits by alleged victims
  • Licensing revocation proceedings in the case of lawyers, CPAs, and stock brokers

Making matters worse people charged with Federal Crimes can also face:

  • Reporters looking for a big headline
  • Additional victims joining the fray when/if the “news” breaks

Federal criminal allegations against a professional are among the most complex for an attorney as we must simultaneously address the criminal charges, licensing board proceedings, ongoing state and federal police investigations, potential civil liability, and reputation concerns. Experience matters in these cases.

Criminal lawyer Norm Pattis, frequent guest expert for the national media and bestselling author, has deep experience helping people charged with White Collar crimes aggressively  and successfully addressing allegations of fraud, embezzlement, Internet crimes, insider trading, and other Federal criminal charges.

Our Connecticut and New York White Collar Criminal Lawyers Act Quickly

The police, prosecutors, investigators, and other law enforcement personnel already invested many man hours lining up the case against you, e.g.  fine tuning reports, interviewing and coaching witnesses, and developing other evidence. You must act quickly to prevent the charging agency from gaining even more of an unfair advantage.

Pattis & Smith criminal attorneys will quickly identify every imperfection in the case against you and defense activities include an immediate demand for every detail of the case against you; we assign investigators to review the credibility of witnesses, we ask the court to exclude irrelevant evidence or evidence gathered in violation of your rights, and package your background profile to maximize the chance of dismissal or reduction charges you’re facing.

Our Connecticut and New York White Collar Criminal Lawyers Are On Call 24/7

Norm Pattis, one of America’s most experienced criminal attorneys, has been successfully defending people charged with White Collar Crimes and other non-violent financial felonies in Connecticut and New York courts for more than 20 years. The Harford Courant labels him “Brilliant and Audacious” for his effective aggressive courtroom strategies in defending people against criminal charges including Federal financial crimes.

A Pattis & Smith criminal defense attorney is on call 24 – 7. Call now to learn your options and preserve your rights.

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